Did you know that you can use rosewater for a whole range of skincare solutions? I was really surprised by how many ways you can use rosewater. Some of my favourite uses for this back-to-basics product include:

1. Cleanser

To use it as a skin cleanser I mix a pump of my liquid castile soap and a teaspoon of rosewater together, then wash my face.

2. Facial Toner

I wet a cotton ball with rosewater and then dab it onto my face.

3. Moisturiser for my face and body

Using some moisturiser or body lotion which I already have open I squeeze some of it into my palm along with some rosewater (the amount depends on if I’m just using it on my face or my legs etc) rub my hands together to mix them together and then I apply this to my face / body. Sometimes I also just pour straight rosewater into my palm, rub my hands together and apply just rosewater to my body as a full body moisturiser. It’s incredibly refreshing, hydrating and I smell amazing!

4. Hydration Mist

I pour some rosewater into a mini bottle spray, then spritz my face and body with the hydration mist when I want. This is especially good first up in the morning to help wake up and it’s also perfect for those times during the day when I feel sluggish / hit the 3pm slump!

I’ve also found it can help:

– soothe skin irritants such as eczema and dry itchy skin (I’ve found this to be of benefit for my hands in particular)

– reduce skin redness (particularly the redness associated with eczema and dry skin patches).

If you’re interested in more details, check out our rosewater from Every Bit Organic RAW by clicking here.