My Coffee Substitutes

My Coffee Substitutes

My coffee days commenced when I worked in the city many years ago now! I was only 17 at the time working in the corporate world and found that although at the time I wasn’t a coffee lover, I very quickly jumped on the coffee culture bandwagon. And yes, I eventually came to love this beverage. 

What I didn’t know though was that my choice soon became a little too much when I started having double shots of coffee multiple times a day. I’ve written before that my health journey started when I suffered from relentless migraines. Well, reducing my coffee consumption to 1 a day in the morning (single shot!) and never past 12pm, was one of the biggest changes I made and boy was it tough at the time! However, the improvement in my migraines was amazing, so well worth it. And in the long run helped me when I went cold turkey once I found out I was pregnant with my first child. Since then I’ve only had an occasional coffee (probably only 20 in the past 5 years!)

So, you’re probably wondering, what do I enjoy now instead of coffee…many enjoyable herbal teas and plant based latte blends. As well as opting for bone broth, smoothies, freshly squeezed juice or water instead of coffee. However, there are those times when I crave coffee, that’s when I enjoy a cup (or pot) of: 

For me it depends on what I’m craving more – the bitterness or milkyness of the coffee. The first 4 in the list above satisfy the bitter need. Whereas the last 2 in the list satisfy the milky part. 

I’ve also noticed that in addition to my migraines being better:

  • my tummy is less bloated, 
  • my body is less acidic,
  • and I’m sleeping better (when compared to when I was consuming coffee).

So, if you’re after some coffee substitutes I hope this has given you some ideas about other options that you may like to try.