My 5 Minute Makeup Makeover

My 5 Minute Makeup Makeover

I don’t know about you, but I always find I have 5 minutes or less to put my makeup on and get out the door! Even before kids I never had that much time to spend applying makeup. Over the years I’ve gotten my essentials down pat and know I can achieve a flawless effortless look in 5 minutes or less.

Here’s My 5 Minute Makeup Makeover, what I do and which products I use:

#1 Prime 

I apply a pump of Zuii Organic Flora Foundation Primer or a small amount of Wotnot Anti-Ageing Facial Sunscreen and Primer to my whole face. Paying particular attention to my T-zone. 

#2 Liquid Foundation

Next I apply a small amount of liquid foundation (either from Craving CosmeticsMiessence or Zuii Organic = it depends which I have open at the time!) I smooth and blend this into my face using my fingertips or my makeup brush / sponge (if either of those decide to present themselves!)

#3 Foundation Powder

I then apply a light dusting of foundation in a powder form (either from Talavou Naturals or Zuii Organic) to set my liquid foundation and provide a little more coverage. I also find this helps my makeup last all day.

#4 Blush

For a pop of colour I add a little blush from Zuii Organic using their blush powder or their Lip and Cheek Crème.

#5 Mascara

To accentuate my eyes I add two coats of mascara to my lashes. Using either Earthlab Cosmetics Vegan Lash Mascara or one from Zuii Organic.

#6 Lipliner and Lipstick

Then to finish I apply lip liner, outlining and then filling in my lips prior to applying a liptint, lipstick or paw paw cream. Again, it depends on which one I have within reach. But the brands I use are Craving CosmeticsNeek Natural Vegan LipstickLittle Innoscents or Zuii Organic.

I know it’s nice to have the time apply makeup without rushing. And to add some eyeliner, eyeshadow and some contouring and highlights. But, at the end of the day, if you only have a few minutes to beautify, My 5 Minute Makeup Makeover products will get you there! Plus their ingredients are nourishing and free from those nasty ones. And of course, going fresh faced without makeup is always a winner in my books!