Mindfulness Slider

Mindfulness. What is it? Well, I think it is different for each and every one of us.

Some might think it’s all about living and being present in every moment. While others might take time out of their busy day to sit somewhere comfortable, observe, listen, breathe and take in all the sights they see and the sounds they hear. And for some, it could be more about making mindful choices when it comes to the foods they purchase, the products they use on their body, the eco friendliness of their reusable lunchbox items etc. And for some it could be something totally different which I haven’t described or a combination of a range of things. Regardless, I think we all choose to be mindful about those things that rank high on our list of priorities.

This year, I’m aiming to be more mindful across a whole range of things in my life. From the food I purchase and that which I grow at home for myself and my family. The products that I really do believe in and therefore stock at Revitalise Naturally. Being an observer who guides my kids so they can develop new skills. To switching off from my Revitalise Naturally duties one day a week. To listen to my body, recharge, reconnect and enjoy some family and some me time. 

Life certainly gets busy and with the every increasing expectations we seem to have about responding to messages asap (regardless of which message medium they come from), a feeling of having to be ‘connected’ 24/ 7, the never ending cycle of who’s busier, I think we need to remember we are only one person. An individual that only has so many hours in each day. We can’t do it all (at least not to our best ability and not without sacrificing something) and you know what that’s ok! What we choose to invest our time, energy and effort into is us making a mindful choice. So, choose wisely, life’s too short to spend it on unnecessary things. It’s ok to say no, to disconnect to connect, to reprioritise expectations, to invest in your health. After all, it’s your life so get out there and enjoy!

Mindfulness in my opinion is one of our greatest and most powerful abilities.